One Month Itinerary

Day 1 Depart from USA on May 1st.

Day 2-11 Arrive in Athens on May 2nd & get directly the flight to Rhodes- 1 ½ Hrs Flight-
All these days can relax & enjoy.
One of the free days can do a Full Day City Tour & visit the Acropolis of Lindos which is located about 1 ½ Hrs from the city center of Rhodes.

Day 11 Return in Athens & stay in a resort Hotel close by the beach at the south of the city where are the most expensive suburbs.

Day 12 Free Day

Day 13 Full Day Athens City Tour with a visit to the New Museum of the Acropolis – 5 Hrs approximately- which is must in Athens City to visit!!!

Day 14 Free Day

Day 15 Start their land historical tour to Peloponnese & Delphi.
Will pass through the Corinth Canal – 1 Hr ride from Athens-& will visit the Mycenae’s – 1 ½ Hrs ride from Corinth- and then will overnight at Nauplion – ½ Hrs ride from Mycenae’s-the first capital of Greece a very beautiful small town!!

Day 16 Will do a Half Day Trip to Epidaurus – 1 ½ Hrs ride from Nauplion- the most interesting monument of the area as it is the first ancient theater with the best acoustics.

Day 17 Will depart from Nauplio to Mystras – 3 Hrs ride approximately from Nauplion-the most impressive byzantine monument. After the touring they will continue to the old castle-town of Monemvasia – 2 Hrs ride from Mystras approximately-where they will overnight at a hotel with the castle view.

Day 18 Will explore the castle & will relax at the beautiful hotel

Day 19 Will pass through the picturesque town of Gytheion- 1 Hr ride from Monemvasia- to Areopolis- 40 minutes ride from Gytheion- where they will visit the unique caves & they will continue to Pylos- 2 Hrs ride approximately from Areopolis-where they will overnight.

Day 20 Will do a Half day trip to the Ancient Palace of Nestor & will overnight in Pylos.

Day 21 Will depart to the cradle of civilization the ancient Olympia – 2 ½ Hrs ride approximately from Pylos-& overnight in Killini.

Day 22 Free Day

Day 23 Will pass through the famous Rio Bridge on the way to the oracle of the ancient world Delphi – 2 Hrs ride approximately from Olympia-& overnight at the famous village of Arachova.

Day 24 Free Day

Day 25 Will depart from Arachova on the way to the Athens Airport-3 Hrs ride approximately- to get the flight to Santorini – 30’ minutes flight-

Day 25-29 Santorini Island

Day 29 Depart from Santorini via Athens to USA.