Must See:

Explore Athens on foot? Why not?
By day or late afternoon, stroll from the Kallimarmaro Stadium towards the Olympieion and Hadrian’s Gate, then up the picturesque hill to the Herodus Atticus Theatre and the Acropolis and, finally, after that the impressive New Museum of the Acropolis down to Plaka and the Ancient Agora. A great way to also combine sightseeing with window shopping around the souvenir shops in the area.
And now, maybe you would like to fly-by over mythical, legendary sights.
Our helicopter, take a deep breath and look down at the infinite blue, ornamented by such treasures as the Parthenon, the Stadium, the bustling city – then follow the coastline to Sounio, circle the Temple of Poseidon, slide over the Aegean and, on your trip back, glance at the marvellous Olympic Stadium where the games were held in 2004.
And many other options to taste the beauties of Athens always upon request!